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You Deserve A Break

In 2015 I started working with females who were being or had been released from prison.

My work with the women was intense - entrenched in abuse, addiction, homelessness and child loss.

I spent my free time watching documentaries on crime, reading counselling books on emotional abuse and trauma and researching the criminal justice system and the family court system.

I soon asked myself where is my break?

Many people have sat in front of me unpacking their lives, and many said they filled their freetime by watching films based on mental health, reading books on trauma similar to their own and researching their diagnosis either by watching tiktok videos or via Instagram.

I ask them "Where is your break"?

Where is your break from your trauma?

Where is your break from your diagnosis?

Where is your break from mental health?

If you are in counselling and unpacking your life, you are doing enough!

It is hard work exploring your life, processing your trauma, working through your grief, learning to understand yourself.

You need a break!

Swap the book for another with no connection

Swap the film for another with no connection

Swap the videos for another with no connection

You need a break!

You deserve a break!

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