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Clinical Supervision 

Supervision as we know is an integral part of our work. It can be hardwork finding the right supervisor.

Building that relationship and trust is essential so you can be authentic in what is happening within your client work.

I am trained as a Level 7 integrative supervisor for both individuals and groups. I chose this to compliment my counselling training.

Training integratively gives me the opportunity to work with you with a range of modalities including

The Seven Eyed Model
Person Centred
Transactional Analysis

I work with you based on you being the expert of your client.

I help you to explore what is happening in the room.
I help you to explore what is going on within you.
I help you with different theories and approaches to help you move forward in your sessions.
I help you with different techniques that can be used to enhance your relationship with your client.

I provide supervision face to face or online.

If our session is face to face this is provided in a room at the bottom of my garden.

If our session is online this is provided via what's app video.

Typically sessions are 1.5 hours a month.
Alternatively I do provide 1 hour sessions. 


All fees are payable by bank transfer or cash

Session 1.5 hours - £55.00

Session 1 hour - £50.00

Student rate for 1.5 hours - £40.00. 

Clinical Supervision: Supervision
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