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Counselling and Low Self Esteem.

Have you ever wondered why things seem to be going OK in life, but you still seem to feel low and anxious?

Low self esteem could be a factor in this.

Low self esteem can include

• Saying sorry a lot

• Critising yourself

• Putting others before yourself

• Negative self image

Low self esteem can cause you to feel a mixture of emotions

• Sad

• Guilty

• Anxious

• Worried

• Overwhelmed

• Frustrated

There are different experiences that impact our self esteem and can play a part in why it is low

• Lack of encouragement or praise

• Abuse

• Critical parents

• Being bullied

Low self esteem is not 'just thoughts'.

They are beliefs that are ingrained deep within ourselves.

Challenging them can sometimes feel impossible to do. We seem to always find ways around the challenge.

Does any of the above sound familiar?

What can you do?

Counselling is an option, it can

• Help you to recognise low self esteem.

• Help you to understand the root cause.

• Help you to explore your thoughts.

• Help you to explore your emotions.

• Help you to challenge the belief of yourself.

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