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What Does Counselling With You Look Like?

The idea of counselling can be daunting.

If you have not had counselling before it can be scary, cause you anxiety.

If you have had counselling before you may feel the same but also skeptical.

I have had many people come to me explaining their experiences with counselling

• They felt they did not connect with the counsellor.

• They felt the counsellor did not understand them.

• They felt the techniques they were given were not effective.

The contributing factor to all the above being the approach the counsellors use.

Someone entering counselling may not understand theories or the approach a counsellor is trained in.

You may have heard of CBT or Person Centred but do not really understand it.

That is ok!

That is where the counsellor comes in.

Unfortunately I cannot tell you what is best for you.

What I can tell you is

• The relationship with your counsellor is important.

• The connection with your counsellor is important.

I can also tell you about my approach and how I work.

I use Person Centred to build our relationship, build trust, make you feel comfortable. Using this approach we explore your history including your childhood, relationships and friendships.

I use Transactional Analysis to explore areas deeper. Including your relationships, your attachments, your personality, your childhood, your patterns and behaviours.

I use Attachment to explore and understand how your childhood experiences with your caregiver/caregivers may be impacting your relationships now or has done previously.

I use CBT usually after we have blended other approaches. You would have built an understanding and awareness of yourself. Your responses, your behaviours, your thoughts and your emotions. CBT can help with anxious, negative, intrusive thoughts by using techniques to challenge them.

I use pyschoeducation, this could be around

• Trauma responses.

• Fight, flight and freeze.

• Brain responses.

• Physical symptoms.

• Emotions.

• Relationships.

• Thoughts.

• Patterns.

Will you know what approach I am using - not always.

Does it help you to know the approach I am using - not always.

Does it help you to know how your counsellor may work with you - it can help you to choose the best fit for you.

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