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There is no shame in asking for help

There are charities and many counsellors like myself who strive to break the stigma of mental health and talking.

Unfortunately the stigma is very much still apart of our world.

• Be strong

• Don't air your dirty laundry

• Keep it within the family

• It's private

• Noone needs to know

Are just some of the thought processes that have been instilled into many.

So when it comes to asking for help I still hear

"I have not got it too bad".

"I have always been told counselling does not help".

"I have learnt just to get on with things".

"As a family we have just swept things under the carpet".

"I've never spoken about it".

"My life has not been terrible at all".

"I have debated whether or not to come".

"What will I talk about".

The thing is you have reached out and thought about talking to someone for a reason.

Your life does not have to be terrible to be struggling with life at the moment.

You can still be functioning and going to work, spending time with the family, completing your education, but still be experiencing

• Feeling stuck

• Anxious feelings

• Feeling overwhelmed

• Demotivated

• Low mood

We do not have to be in a dark place to go to counselling - in fact counselling can be the outlet that prevents you from going into a dark space.

There is no shame in saying I am finding things difficult at the moment.

There is no shame in feeling demotivated.

There is no shame in feeling overwhelmed.

There is no shame in experiencing anxiety.

There is no shame in talking.

There is no shame in accessing counselling.

There is no shame in asking for help

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