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The Beauty of Essential Oils - and fitting them into your life

I remember a female client I worked with, she came into our first session, and I asked her

Have you ever had counselling before? she replied

"Tonnes but it never worked" I asked her

What do you feel did not work? she replied

"They all wanted me to do mindfulness and coping techniques"

My client was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, so I was aware the reasons why her previous counsellors would have been talking to her about coping techniques and mindfulness.

It would be to ensure that my client had strategies in place to help her manage the intense emotions that she may feel following a session - essentially ensuring she was safe.

However, mindfulness is not for everyone, personally it does not work for me, I do have other ways of relaxing - I love a book and a bath!

This is when I introduced her to essential oils.

Essential oils can help to improve anxiety, paranoia, depression and physical pains from stress.

Sleep has huge impacts on mental wellbeing Lavendar could help you have a more relaxed sleep.

As sleep is one of our basic needs, it can have impacts on our everyday life, our appetite, our motivation levels and our mood Geranium can be helpful to lift your mood.

Low mood can soon develop into depression which can cause us to have feelings of hopelessness and extreme sadness Bergamot can help to reduce symptoms of depression.

Anxiety can be crippling, often we can feel fear and worry, and we are unsure why? Rose can help reduce levels of anxiety.

Sometimes with anxiety we can feel paranoia Clary Sage can help reduce these symptoms.

We can often find ourselves in stressful situations and our bodies can respond with physical pains - for example muscles being tense most of the time could cause them to become painful Rosemary can help with physical pains.

The good news - essential oils can fit in to your life!

They can be used in diffusers and oil burners, they can be mixed with a base oil and massaged into your skin, they can be added into creams and finally, they can be added as drops in your bath

So, if mindfulness is not for you - why not give essential oils a try?

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