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Sometimes we need to ride the boat

Many clients have entered my room low, anxious and demotivated. I often hear

"I want to feel better"
"I want to be me again"
"I want to go back to when I didnt feel like this"

And of course those are normal reactions. Who wants to feel feelings of depression, anxiety or grief?

The answer is noone.

Sometimes the experiences you are going through are going to cause you to feel those emotions that noone wants to feel.

These experiences could include

  • Going through a break up.

  • A bereavement of a loved one.

  • A battle with addiction.

  • The prospect of redundancy.

  • Troubles in a relationship.

Although you can put coping techniques in place, it cannot change the situation and the circumstances in which you are facing and the emotions you are feeling.

Sometimes you can forget to remind yourself that the situation you are going through is

  • Hard

  • Sad

  • Distressing

  • Worrying

And in fact ask yourself

How am I meant to feel when going through such experiences?

It is not always easy, but sometimes we have to ride the boat that are our emotions.

  • You need to feel them - because they are real.

  • You need to explore them - because they are real.

  • You need to process them - because they are real.

You sometimes need to ride the waves of the ups and downs of your life and the emotions that it brings.

Because it is ok not to be ok.

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